Environmental Research Institute

The Eastern Kentucky Environmental Research Institute, located on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University, promotes environmental research related activities primarily in Eastern and Appalachian Kentucky.

We are committed to developing an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional approach to:

  • understanding Eastern Kentucky’s Ecosystems,
  • furthering our understanding of contextual threats to human and environmental health,
  • building community participation to address environmental problems,
  • providing research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and
  • contributing to math and science education in the regions K-12 schools.

Making use of a variety of tools, we enhance research using:

  • mobile environmental laboratories
  • two continuous USGS stage and water quality monitoring stations,
  • on-site lab GIS/RS workstations,
  • a DNA sequencer,
  • AA,
  • an Environmental Quant Lab, and
  • the IDEXX Colisure analysis system.

In addition, we are involved in local projects and events, such as the coordination and sponsorship of the annual campus and community-wide “EKU Earth Days in the Cumberlands” and restoration projects such as Muddy Creek riparian buffer tree planting.